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 Knut Roppestad and The Rambling Rodgers is an acoustic outfit with experienced musicians finding and constantly redefining common ground with the music of singer/song writer Knut Roppestad.

The band is located in Horten, Norway.

     Although the orchestration points toward a classic bluegrass band – 

The band loves to challenge and explore their format extensively. There are blues, country, gospel and rock influences – all performed with edge, sincerity and an urge to challenge and to entertain.  

 New album by Knut Roppestan and The Rambling Rodgers is finished. The title is «Tornado Tracks,» 
It will for now be avilable at the concerts or by ordering by mail. Go to Shop to order y
our CD or LP today.

It is now ready for downloading from iTunes and simular places. 

CD from Knut Roppestad and The Rambling Rodgers, «Tornado Tracks»

 CD Singel From Knut Roppestad and The Rambling Rodgers, «Det hadde vært Koselig»

CD from Knut Roppestad, «Rough hope»

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